Beautiful Creation - Vision, Selection and Agenda

April 8, 2010

The central themes of Beautiful Creation are Human Rights, Dignity and Human Condition, and the motto is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The key question which as serves as pretext for addressing these issues, especially among the authors invited is:

Is Man the most beautiful creation of God?

In order to allow consultation of contents and works assembled, we undertook the construction of this blog that also serves as a document to help to clarify the requests for sponsoring addressed in order to gather the necessary resources to catalog, logistics event and to create solidarity donation in favor of two institutions of social service.

In the end, the selection will include works of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation, with authors of both sexes and belonging to several generations, fulfilling a little order to show the human being as part of its evolution during existence: birth, childhood, youth, maturing to adulthood, parenting, relationship with the couple, society, aging and death.

However, it is already scheduled for the period from 8 June to 17 July 2010, a Solo Exhibition (Nuno Quaresma) with the title (Beautiful Creation # 1), in Recreios da Amadora, Municipal Gallery in the center this city and a second initiative in the Gallery of Malaposta in Odivelas entitled Beautiful Creation # 2 What for?, planned as
Colective Contemporary Art Exhibition - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Video - and organized by an Independent Curator (to be appointed)


Beautiful Creation - Visão, Selecção e Agenda

April 8, 2010
Os temas centrais da Beautyful Creation são os Direitos, Dignidade e Condição Humana, sob o mote da Declaração Universal dos Direitos do Homem. A pergunta chave que serve de pretexto para abordar estas temáticas, sobretudo junto ao colectivo de Autores convidados e pré seleccionados, é:

Será o Homem a mais Bela Criação de Deus?

De forma a permitir a consulta dos conteúdos e obras reunidas nesta pré-selecção de referência, empreendemos a construção deste Blog que serve ainda ...

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Beautiful Creation

February 17, 2010
Just navigate into it:
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About the Event

Beautiful Creation Contemporary Art Cicle of Exibithions



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