It was a fullfiling lunch with my friend and painter João Silva that during 1 hour, and without any premeditation, this was the subject of a delightful conversation.
I do not remember if it was already on the edge of a stew, I sometimes have a vague notion that it was facing a Cod of tender flakes, grit - in fact my "God Fish" - the sacred fish at my table .
The author of  the question was João. It seemed to him a good motto for a series of works he wanted to do, but the question seemed, to me initiatory, seminal, divisive.

At the time, while tasting the delicacy with the push of a good straight cup of wine, between a laugh and another, between one and another more solemn sentence,  in my head, other issues arose.

Is Men the most beautiful creation of God?
What is Beauty?
Is there any Beauty without there being at least one soul that can recognize it?

Too many questions, some might say, especially in the head of a painter.
Facing this i decided to think the way that I best do, painting. And while painting, i curiously stopped thinking to start feeling, believing.

The result is the collection of this show trought Guru Art Projects and entitled Beautyful Creation # 1 - Why?

It is dedicated to my baby, my beautiful boy David, and my godson Marco, on his way to becoming a man.
Do not forget that the world is really beautiful, imperfect ... but beautiful, and it is important to believe, to love, to care, to respect ... living with your eyes wide open.

Nuno Quaresma
February, 2010


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